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14 / July


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Welcome to Vila do Conde and the Royal Houses!

Regal and full of personality, with modern and minimalist features, but above all, local and rooted in history. In these spaces, the stories of a person, a family, a city and a community are enjoyed. And with each new person who walks through these doors, new stories and memories will be written. In an infinite cycle of sharing, humanity and identity.

From these windows, flowers are glimpsed every day, rejuvenating like the morning dew. If these houses shine, tall and beautiful, in someone's eyes and stories, that will perhaps be our greatest achievement.

Vila do Conde

Feel the pulse of a quiet city, without rushing. Be enchanted by the bobbin lace and convent sweets. Visit the museums, read José Régio. Listen to the testimonies of the people who have learned to live between land and sea. To walk around the city is to find low houses, narrow streets and cobbled streets and to come across the monumentality of the Santa Clara Monastery and its Aqueduct, which define the silhouette of the old town.
Visit Vila do Conde, your charming destination

"Between pine forests, river and sea! It reminds me of Vila do Conde, I'm already starting to sigh."

- José Regio